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5 Common Website Mistakes


So you’ve decided to revamp your website? Great! Please keep in mind it’s a lot more intricate than just picking a nice design, which is why we’ve put together a list of five mistakes we’ve seen while on-boarding new clients.

1) Not caring about load times

You can have the most beautiful site in the world, but if it doesn’t load quickly will anyone stick around to see it? Users are growing increasingly impatient and expect a page to load immediately. In fact, Amazon analyzed their user data and found that every extra 0.1 second of load time resulted in sales declining by 1%. Plus, Google has repeatedly said that load time is an important part of its Organic algorithm.

2) Not measuring and understanding user behavior post-launch

If you aren’t able to engage in user testing prior to launch, then you should add a mouse tracking tool immediately upon launch. These tools offer a very cool view of how users actually interact with your site, answering key questions like: where do they click? Where do they hover but not click? Are they scrolling down all the way or is part of the page being ignored?

3) Not setting up Google Webmaster Tools

Not only does it provide you absolutely crucial info about your Organic search appearance and clicks, but it also shows you which pages have been indexed and if any crawler errors need to be addressed.

4) Not making it responsive

Everyone knows smartphones and tablets will continue to rise as the devices of choice for browsers, so please sure your site automatically optimizes the user experience. Not only will it make the users happy but loading times is also an important part of SEO.

5) Not caring about quality content

It’s easy to get up in the design process, but if you aren’t providing content that users find valuable then you are missing out on the opportunity to establish your site as a trusted source and authority.