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5 Easy Ways to Keep a Productive Office


When it comes to employee productivity, here are a few areas we’ve found to be very important in not only delivering quality work but also creating happy employees.

1) Create a sense of autonomy

Nobody likes having someone watch over their shoulder non-stop, so don’t let that be the norm. Establish clear responsibilities then allow employees to operate within the framework.

2) Allow employees to be heard

Whether it’s monthly one-on-one meetings or anonymous surveys, your employees are the ones who are in the weeds everyday and can see problems that management cannot.

3) Focus on perks and flexibility that matter

Beanbag chairs might make your office seem cool and hip, but does it really help productivity? Put a stronger emphasis on allowing employees to break the 9 to 5 grind. Not to mention remote work when necessary for employees that have demonstrated trust.


4) Ongoing recognition for a job well done

If an employee does a great job on a project or presentation then let the employee know how much you appreciate their work. This will ensure strong morale and motivate employees to deliver stellar work again and again.

5) Technology matters

Nothing hurts productivity like old technology. A good rule of thumb is one year for a device is really ten years, which means your five year old laptop is really fifty.

You wouldn’t expect your employees to work on a Commodore 64, would you?