Cummings Creative Group

Display Advertising

Going beyond search engines to build awareness or drive conversations with relevant users has always been
popular because it allows you to scale while avoiding the often tough competition in search.


Prospecting is finding users that may have never heard of your company before by targeting the characteristics you value most in potential customers. Common targeting includes: demographic, interests, topics, site content, and specific site placements.



Retargeting allows you to subtly show banners to previous visitors based on the content they viewed on your site, even if they abandoned the shopping cart. Retargeting is the most popular display advertising method because it allows customizing the message to bring back a user already familiar with your brand.


  1. User visits your site.
  2. User is cookied and assigned to retargeting segmant based on specific interactions with your site.
  3. Ad user visits other sites, he is identified as part of our segment and shown a banner.

YouTube In-Search & In-Stream

Two of the most underutilized display methods are YouTube In-Search and In-Stream, which offer the ability to target users directly on YouTube.

  • In-Search is keyword based and allows your ad to appear on the YouTube search results. This can help you build awareness for the terms that matter the most to you – even competitor terms!
  • In-Stream is a pre-roll spot that’s topic/interest based. Users are able to skip after 5 seconds but you only pay if users view at least 30 seconds, which means you only pay for users that are engaged with your ad!