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Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an important part of any holistic marketing strategy because it puts your
site in front of users searching for the terms most important to your business.

Many people underestimate the intricacy of SEO, but Google’s top secret algorithm has over 200 unique components that determine ranks on the search engine results page (SERP).  This algorithm consists of both On-Site and Off-Site SEO measurements.

Keys to Successful On-Site SEO

Our philosophy is to start with On-Site SEO to ensure your site has a strong foundation.  Our team has developed a fully comprehensive initial audit to customize your on-going strategy focused on:

SEO keyword research Keyword Research
Making sure your SEO focuses on the right terms is crucial to long-term success because ranking #1 for a term with no search volume won’t drive any traffic to your site. This is where research comes in, where we answer likes: what search terms are most popular in your vertical and what is the average monthly volume? How competitive is each term?
Google’s goal is to connect users with content that answers their question, which means strong content is the backbone of a successful SEO program. As part of our content audit, we’ll identify gaps in your site’s content for the kind of material your target audience cares about the most. Whether it needs to be a new page, blog post, infographic, or case study, our team is here to help build the right content to not only improve your SEO but also keep your visitors engaged.
On-page content
SEO competitor analysis Competitor Analysis
Understanding where your competitors are ranking in the SERP and what their on-site experience is like helps identify common characteristics of what is successfully working to rank high. We’ll even identify what keywords are most popular on your competitor’s key pages.
Site Structure
Having the right content isn’t going to help your site if search engines can’t easily crawl your site and index your content. Our audit will identify potential crawling issues and work with the development team to implement any necessary coding changes. In addition, the right site structure will help build a strong user experience and make it easy for your site visitors to navigate from page to page.
Crawler-friendly site structure
Organic rankings SERP Rankings
There’s more to SEO than just “showing up in Google” or trying to rank #1, but it is important to establish benchmark rankings to understand how your site currently ranks in Google and easily track improvement over time. As your site moves up the rankings, our team will keep a close eye on how traffic increases and how many leads or sales are being generated. This will help you truly understand what terms are valuable and what our priorities should be.
Algorithm Updates
Google is constantly testing and tweaking multiple algorithms to see how searchers interact with different results. Our team is checking on search engine news daily to keep track of potential algorithm updates and how it might impact your site. If Google rolls out a new feature that makes sense for your site then we’ll put together an action plan to take advantage of it.
Google algorithm updates


Keys to Successful Off-Site SEO

Off-Site is an ongoing process to build the site’s strength in Google’s eyes. We avoid “black hat” tactics to keep your site in good standings with Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

SEO linkbuilding Linkbuilding
Linkbuilding is the most complicated and time intensive part of SEO, but it’s also the most important. Search engines use inbound links to your site as a key indicator of quality. Not all links have the same value, in fact, a low quality link may actually hurt your site and lower your organic rankings.
Local SEO
Whether you have one location in Birmingham, Alabama or have hundreds of locations across the country, Local SEO is very important for your organic presence. We’ve partnered with the premiere data aggregator to allow for seamless updates to your address, phone number, and other key info across all the important local directories and mapping services.
Local SEO
Webmaster tools Webmaster Tools
Knowing how your site is being read by the search engines will help identify any potential problems, as well as understand what content is resonating the strongest and help shape our on-going SEO strategy.

It’s also important to integrate with our Paid Search team to ensure our learnings are being shared from both channels, as well as measure the impact SEO and Paid Search have on each other.

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