Cummings Creative Group

Social Media Marketing & Management

Whether you’re looking to engage with current fans or expand your
reach to find new audiences, Social Media can be a powerful tool.

We offer a full suite of Social Media services, including writing content for posts or tweets, replying to users that comment, and implementing targeted advertising across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.


There are highly targeted Social Media advertising options that many companies aren’t aware of. For example, Facebook alone offers:

Demographic and Interests:
Drive users straight to your site with a customizable ad on the right sidebar or directly in the news feed.

Custom Audience:
Re-engage with previous visitors to your site by showing unique creative that will.

Building “Likes” on your Page:
Get in front of your target audience and encourage them to “Like” your page to make reconnecting in the future easier.

Boosting Posts:
Ever want to expand the reach of a really important post on your Facebook page? This allows you to get in front of users that “Like” your page but also their friends.

Event promotion:
Build awareness for upcoming events and allow users to RSVP

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