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Marketing to Millennials: Landing the Big Fish


Millennials have made quite the splash in the marketing sphere over the last several years. We’ve grown to be the largest generational age group with billions and billions of dollars worth of buying power. It’s no wonder we’ve grabbed businesses’ attention. The questions is, how do they reel us in?

We’ve left many marketers scratching their heads. They’re casting their lines, but we just aren’t biting. Why? The answer is simple: you’re using the wrong bait.

Traditional marketing tactics can’t stand alone anymore. I’m not saying there isn’t value in billboards and magazine ads, but if you’re trying to market to us twenty-something-year olds, you’ve got to kick it up a notch.

Here are three tips for landing the big millennial fish.

1. Optimize for mobile.

Mobile friendly

Studies show that millennials spend 85% of our time on mobile devices and we are connected an average of 18 hours each day through social media and the internet. If that doesn’t motivate you to make a website mobile-friendly then I don’t know what will.

2. Use our channels.

Use our social channels

Speaking of being connected, are you on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram? Let’s face it. That’s where millennials spend a great deal of their time, and that’s where we keep up with what’s going on in the world. Did you know that over 70% of millennials look at social media at least once a day? And if you’re not taking advantage of these channels, you’re missing a major avenue.

In addition, you don’t need a dozen social media accounts to cover every possible outlet. Do you have a Google+ page you update religiously and get zero engagement? What about a Twitter page with a dozen tweets a day and custom hashtags that go completely unnoticed? Just because the social tool exists doesn’t mean you need to use it so it’s best to focus your resources on what’s actually working.

3. User-generated content for the win!


Ask your customers to give feedback about your products and services. When it comes to making purchases, millennials are looking for credible resources to guide their decision, and customer reviews are often a first point-of-reference. In fact, over 51% of millennials agree that reviews from strangers on a company’s site hold a great deal of weight when it comes to heading to the checkout line.

And there you have it, straight from the mouth of a twenty-five-year old marketing agency account executive.