Cummings Creative Group

Strategic Planning & Consulting

We believe that only by learning a client’s business as thoroughly as possible can we satisfy our own objective of functioning as a fully-realized extension of our client’s business.



Our initial approach is always to tour client facilities, meet for in-depth Q & A with management and stakeholders, and to take a day-in-the-life approach to understanding how our client meet the needs of their clients.

We take great pride in building strategic marketing plans, whether you want a completely new branding strategy, need guidance in maximizing your offline advertising, or need to venture into digital marketing for the first time. This plan is essentially a road map that shows you where to go and what to do when you get there. At CCG, we look at everything – from your competitors to your sales efforts to your current market strategy – and craft a detailed marketing plan that drives long-term results. Our process paves the way toward successful execution of your brand campaign.

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