Cummings Creative Group

There’s No Time Like the Present


In this fast paced world of business, where people are streamlining and creating synergies when they can, the average workload often leaves little spare time for what may seem like mundane tasks. While working within these constraints it can seem difficult to find a minute here or there to answer an email or return a phone call. Sometimes the small tasks seem so easy to put off that we push them so far and so often they fall off our to-do lists altogether. Yet it is often these small tasks, which usually only take only a minute or two to complete, that keep the machine moving. We can all benefit from not allowing the small things to get lost between the cracks.

Growing up, my parents had a way of using idioms to drive points home to us children. I often heard things like “a rolling stone gathers no moss” or “a penny saved is a penny earned.” They all made sense and resonated with truth. I think of many of them often, and use them in daily life, but none as much as “there is no time like the present.” This is especially true in the workplace. When small, simple tasks come up I have found that it is easier to do them when they come up rather than put them on a list. A list that for many may be lost with time.

While not everyone finds it easy to complete tasks as they come up, everyone can benefit from this practice and the efficiency it inspires. For some it is hard to break away from a thought and then go back to it as it is disruptive to their creative flow. However, even these personalities can benefit from getting to smaller tasks quickly. Perhaps when they take a break to get a cup of coffee or use the facilities they can use this break to check email or voicemail and jump quickly on anything that might be simple to do. It will make their to-do list shorter in the long run and further endear them to their coworkers. I acknowledge that even though my machine may keep moving without these tasks being accomplished, someone else’s may not. Someone is likely waiting for me to send a document, answer a simple question, or generate a quick report for them.

So, while we are all striving for an efficient, streamlined business environment, it is important to remember that it is often the small things that are stepping-stones to the big things as they keep the machine moving. It makes sense then that, wherever possible, “there is no time like the present. “