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Why YouTube In-Stream Ads are One of the Best Kept Secrets


Are you looking for a way to quickly reach your target audience beyond paid search or the blackbox that is normally associated with display? We suggest you test YouTube TrueView In-Stream ads.

YouTube TrueView In-Stream ads allow you to show pre-roll spots based on the settings of your choice and you ONLY pay if a user watches at least 30 seconds – users are allowed to skip the ad after 5 seconds. This means users filter themselves out based on whether or not they’re interested in your ad and you don’t pay for those who aren’t.


Google offers plenty of targeting options, including: age, gender, interests, audience characteristics, or even picking the YouTube channels you want to target. Users also become part of your remarketing list, so you can reconnect with them after viewing your ad.

Need another reason to test In-Stream ads? The cost-per-view can be very affordable when compared to the Avg. CPC see in paid search and traditional programmatic prospecting – it can easily be in the $0.05-$0.12 range!

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you get started:

  • Run 2-4 spots so that you can get an understand of what resonates strongest with users. Pause the lower performers and determine how you can apply learnings from the top performers to your other marketing channels (and even your site).
  • Keep an eye on which targeting options perform the best and pause any with a low View Rate to make sure you are reaching users who find your ad relevant.
  • Test various bids. You can start off low (ex: $0.07) and see if you’re able to cast a wide enough net. If you’re not able to spend your full budget then raise it slightly to $0.09 and then again to $0.11 if necessary. Compare how the Avg. Cost-Per-View and View Rate change to ensure you’re actually getting more bang for your buck.