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When many businesses think about digital marketing, they just think about “showing up on Google.” But digital marketing has evolved greatly in the last decade and it requires a multi-channel and holistic strategy centered on a specific goal. To ensure ongoing success, you need to accurately measure the impact and adjust your strategy as needed.

CCG aims to go above and beyond other digital marketing agencies with fully customized strategies built around your goal. If we feel that certain channels aren’t a good fit for your business then we won’t recommend them – it’s that simple. Whether you’re small business located here in Birmingham, Alabama or a national company with hundreds of locations across the country, CCG can put together a Digital Strategy that’s right for you.

 Website design and development Web Design & Development
All great marketing plans must start with a great site that is device-responsive and mobile friendly.  CCG will review your current site to identify any design or user experience issues.  We can also design and build custom landing pages that focus on driving visitors to complete your call-to-action.  Learn More >>>
Paid Search
Whether you are using Google AdWords or Bing Ads, your campaigns need to be customized to your business.  Other agencies might just throw in some keywords and set the campaign on cruise control but CCG believes in hands-on management with daily checks and ongoing optimizations.  We also put together a test plan to ensure your campaigns has an “always testing” mindset aimed at maximizing your reach, conversion rate, and user engagement.  Learn More >>>
 Paid search
 SEO Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
SEO is the most complex channel of Digital Marketing because it requires competing against countless other sites to come out the winner in Google’s 200+ element top secret algorithm.  Whether you run a national ecommerce site or a single store here in Birmingham, the right strategy is crucial for success.  Our team will put together a custom action plan focused on improving your rankings and ongoing analysis to understand how searchers are interacting with your site.  Learn More >>>
Display Advertising
It’s easy for Display Advertising to seem overwhelming with virtually limitless targeting options and countless platform options that you can’t tell apart, but quality Display Advertising campaigns are an important part of Digital Marketing to help you reach and connect with your target audience beyond Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  Learn More >>>
 Display advertising
 Email marketing Email Marketing
When was the last time you tested your eblast subject line?  What about the layout and content?  How are you segmenting your user database?  These tactics and more are key to a successful Email Marketing program.  Your CRM is one of your most valuable assets and without the right test plan you aren’t maximizing its potential return.  Learn More >>>
Social Media Marketing
It can be difficult to have your social media accounts heard in the clutter, which is why the right strategy is key.  Important items CCG will tackle include: What social media platform is best for your business based on your target audience and goal?  Do you need to focus on paid social to boost your posts and reach a wider audience?  What is the right posting schedule and frequency?  Learn More >>>
 Social media marketing
 Content marketing Content Marketing
Do you have the content that your target audience is looking for?  If not, then you are already limiting your ability to rank well in Organic Search and missing the right landing page for your paid channels.  We also know how difficult it can be to find the time to regularly update your blog.  Learn More >>>
Conversion Rate Optimization
How are you maximizing all the traffic your site is getting?  When was the last time you did an A/B test for your call-to-action?   Are visitors ignoring a key part of your landing page?  Conversion Rate Optimization helps you answer these questions with actionable insights that can be implemented to improve the conversion rate across your site.  Whether you’re e-commerce or lead gen, CRO should be an important part for your ongoing strategy.  Learn More >>>
 Conversion rate optimization
 Google analytics Google Analytics
How are visitors engaging with your site?  What pages are being viewed the most?  Which pages have the highest bounce rate?  Google Analytics shows valuable insight into your Digital Marketing campaigns by going beyond the immediate ROI.  We can also implement advanced analytics tracking, which will build heatmaps showing where visitors click and how far they scroll to understand what specific elements are working well and what elements are users ignoring.  Learn More >>>

We believe in a holistic approach to digital marketing, which means going beyond the old school thinking of “what was my immediate ROI” and analyzing the impact each marketing tactic has in both the short and long-term. This means looking at the full customer journey and using consumer behavior research that illustrates trends like:

These considerations and more are what make digital marketing a constantly evolving process that requires the right tools and experience to get the most out of your program.

Let’s find the Digital Marketing strategy that’s right for you.
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