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Two of the biggest marketing challenges facing local Medicare Advantage plans when competing in a saturated market are brand awareness and – everyone’s favorite discussion – budget. So, where can you find a win in your market? Deep in the trenches of performance marketing. CCG’s unique Medicare Marketing program offers everything you’d expect: full-service web development, SEP & AEP brand campaigns, offline and online marketing, healthcare content management. And that’s a minimum. From us, you can expect a whole lot more.

Viva Medicare advantage plan pamphlets
Viva Medicare and Global Health Brochures
Viva Medicare and Global Health Brochures detailing perks
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More than half of seniors will take time to read direct mail from insurers. 1 in 4 of them read mail even when they are not shopping for health insurance, which makes predictive modeling a critical asset when developing a direct mail strategy.

CCG analyzes more than 1000 unique data points to understand what characteristics are associated with prospects who are likely to pick up the phone for more information. By scoring prospects 1-100% (1 unlikely to 100 very likely), we are able to maximize direct mail touchpoints with this custom built prospect scoring program.

Source: Deft Research

Viva medicare mailers for ages 61+ and 81+ detailing plan benefits


We take pride in our experience building web properties and software including enrollment portals, agent portals, provider searches and Medicare Marketing sites.

Our custom software solutions include high-end, online enrollment portals and HIPAA-compliant data-driven web applications for the healthcare industry. In addition, our use of social media, email, and digital marketing to Medicare eligibles is pioneering in reaching your target audience across the web.

We know all about tight deadlines and strict enrollment periods, which is why we have a deadline driven approach to CMS-compliant materials, list management, print and broadcast deadlines, and direct mail drop to in-home dates.

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